All staff members - management, hosts, serving, security and cleaners – are trained on every element of our Covid-19 safety policy and their responsibilities in keeping everyone inside and outside the venue safe.

We ask all those using toilet facilities to consider others whilst using the facilities and maintain social distancing where possible. We have made every attempt to make these areas safe for use and do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team with any issues.

We aim to keep a safe distance between tables as per the published government guidance with mitigation where necessary.

We’re now cashless – please order via the ordering facility/QR code on your table!

We aim to minimise the interaction/contact between customers and staff, where possible, when delivering food/drink items.

All areas will be sanitised thoroughly both before and after use from each group – along with other areas such as walkways/restroom facilities.

Management will be responsible for keeping customers safe and addressing any issues such as breach of covid rules/antisocial behaviour.

Face coverings must be worn when not seated in venue.

Hand sanitiser will be available for all throughout site and on request from a member of staff.